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The village of Limenaria is situated at the south of Thassos, with a population of 2450 people. The first  who came here, in 1904, settled in a place called “ Vathilimenari ”, prompted by the opportunity of working in the mine which had under control since 1904 the German businessman F. Speidel.

The inhabitants; of “Kastro” in order to work in the mine and the other related jobs, came down to the sea, hoping to a better life. So did the refuges from Minor Asia, who came in the village in 1922.

Still, this was not the first settlement in the place. According to the Drive; of the French archaeological school, the ancient “Dimitrio” is situated in the place where Limenaria is today, whereas, recent archaeological researches conducted by the 18th   archaeological committee ; have shown that this place was inhabited since the neolithical ; years.